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  • The Jubak Picks: 50 Stocks That Will Rebuild Your Wealth & Safeguard Your Future
    Jim Jubak’s top-down stock-picking method is based on being in the right asset at the right time, ensuring that your portfolio is composed of stocks with the wind at their back and that are trending upward. He shows how to find the best stocks by first understanding ten macro trends changing the world, including: • The economies—Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, India, China, and the "rest of the gang"—driving global demand • The rising tide of retirement money in an older and wealthier world • The commodities crunch in a world ever more hungry for natural resources • The end of cheap oil

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    "The goal is to bring you the best market intelligence that I can on a schedule that keeps you at least one step ahead of the market. What's my definition of market intelligence? I’ve always aimed for a mix of analysis that lets you understand how things work — money flows, new technologies, company strategies, economic trends—and specific stock picks that let you make money from that analysis. When I make a buy or a sell I want you to understand the logic and facts behind it so you can say, Yes, that makes sense for me, or No, I disagree because..."


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